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High schoolers get creative and race a Mountain Dew mile

High school students in California participated in an alternative to the beer mile this past weekend: A Mountain Dew mile.

High school students in California got creative in racing an alternative to the popularly-run beer mile: The Mountain Dew mile in what was definitely a carbonation overload.

The event followed the same rules and same idea as the beer mile but the beer was replaced with Mountain Dew at this Orange County track this past weekend. Understandably, things got pretty messy during the dew mile.

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Athletes run a mile (1.609 kilometres), broken up into 400m intervals. At the beginning of each lap, competitors drink a can of Mountain Dew, and proceed to run a lap. A penalty lap is required if an athlete happens to throw up.

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Beermile.com, the official rankings for the beer mile event, has a list of all-time best performances for the Mountain Dew mile. The world record is 6:23.7 and a Dew Mile World Championships were held in southern California on June 13.