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Hooters throws 82-year-old beer miler a surprise birthday party

Elvira Montes, an 82-year-old runner who completed a beer mile in December, got a surprise birthday party courtesy of Hooters recently.

82 year old beer mile
Grandma beer mile
Elvira Montes celebrating during her 82nd birthday party put on by Hooters. Photo: YouTube screenshot via Hooters.

Following the Flotrack beer mile world championships in December, the then 81-year-old Elvira Montes announced that she was going to celebrate by heading to Hooters for chicken wings and Scotch with her daughter Renee.

She was the oldest finisher at the event and completed the four-beer, four-lap race in 20:24. Runners drink one beer and run 400m four times to complete the event.

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It seems that Hooters took notice of Montes and decided to throw the El Paso, Texas resident a surprise party to celebrate turning her 82nd birthday. In addition to her beer mile fame, she has also run numerous marathons in the past.

See the video highlighting the celebration below:

The restaurant welcomed in Elvira along with her daughter, friends, and family.

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“Most people can’t say they have a Scotch drinking, wing eating, marathon running mom,” describes Renee in the video.

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See the post-race interview with the beer mile sensation, courtesy of Flotrack, following the world championships in Austin, Texas in December: