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VIDEO: Motivational running video ends all excuses not to run


Getting up and getting out is especially hard in the morning. All runners have days where the workout is struggle– even the elites.

Get out of bed on those days though and the hard work will pay off. Need a little extra push? The video below is sure to give you that extra boost. They pretty well say it perfectly:

“So you look outside and the first thing you see is that the running conditions are terrible. Your first instinct is to go back to bed, wait until it warms up, maybe hang tight until for the rain or snow to stops,” it starts.

“This is the situation when it’s most important to put your running shoes on and head out the front door. There is an undervalued benefit that comes from putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation.”

The attitude of dedicated runners carries over to other areas of life. As this video explains, be willing to be uncomfortable in order to achieve goals, be willing to┬ápay a price that most wouldn’t and follow through on your own ambitions to make success happen.

That might apply to work, personal goals, or a fitness plan– but it might as well start with getting up and out tomorrow morning.

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