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VIDEO: Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt go head-to-head in beach race

The world's fastest man is faced with a 30m deficit in a race with comedian (and marathoner) Kevin Hart

Usain Bolt

Though Usain Bolt is retired from competitive athletics, he’s still fielding sprint challenges.

The eight-time Olympic champion and 100m and 200m world record holder stars in the latest Poker Stars (an online poker cardroom) commercial alongside comedian (and marathoner) Kevin Hart and Canadian poker player Daniel Negreanu. Hart gets a 30m head start on Bolt in the beach race, not unlike the Beat the Freeze challenge that made headlines this past summer. Of course, with that type of advantage, Hart beats the fastest man in the world.

“Everyone needs a head start in life, even you, Kevin Hart. But at the poker table I won’t be so generous,” Bolt says.