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VIDEO: Man races New York City subway on foot, wins

Matthew Ahn makes racing the New York City subway look easy, navigating pedestrian traffic between stations.

Matthew Ahn

Guinness World Record holder Matthew Ahn is an expert with the New York City subway system.

The NYC-based lawyer holds the record for fastest time to travel to 468 subway stations, a feat he accomplished in 2015. The current record stands at 21:49:35. Ahn also holds the record for the 469-subway-station traverse too as new platforms are built.

Recently, Ahn conquered another running-related NYC subway challenge: a race between two stations exiting and entering the same train. According to Google Maps, the distance between Chambers Street and Park Place, his stations of choice, in Manhattan is 500m. The ride, per Google Maps, takes approximately two minutes.

“Wow I bet you had to train really hard for this,” one Facebook friend wittily commented.

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With a GoPro on his head, Ahn exited the 2/3 subway, weaved through New York City foot traffic, and managed to re-board the same train at the next stop. By the time Ahn exited Chambers Street station, the doors on the subway hadn’t yet closed. He even had a few seconds to spare once he reached Park Place.

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Ahn was motivated to do the subway challenge after seeing a similar feat accomplished in London. The resurfaced London footage, posted on Twitter in March, had 139,000 retweets.

“Guys I swear I’m done with subway things for a while,” Ahn wrote on Facebook.