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VIDEO: Michal “the joggler” Kapral reads internet trolling

Michal Kapral, perhaps more well-known as "the joggler," reads out mean tweets and comments recently about his 2:55 marathon and juggling run.

Michal Kapral


Michal “the joggler” Kapral’s performance at the Chicago Marathon on Sunday was flawless. Specifically, his juggling performance.

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Not once did Kapral drop one of his three bean bags during the 42.2K course as the Toronto resident juggled the entire marathon in 2:55:25. He is the world record holder for fastest marathon run while juggling at 2:50:12. He estimates that he juggles 50,000 times throughout the length of a marathon.

The unique combination of talents led a number of people to voice their opinions of the niche sport on Twitter and on LetsRun.com, a popular online website with a public forum. There, users wrote comments like “elite hobby joggler, you read it here first,” and “let’s see him do it while juggling chainsaws. Then I’ll be impressed.”

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LetsRun.com is notorious for anonymous comments. “Trolling” online refers to people who write comments intended to upset people and spark controversy. In the above Canadian Running video, Kapral reads some of the comments as well as other remarks on Twitter.

Reading of mean tweets has been made famous by a segment of the same name on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Interestingly, Kapral’s joggling was trending on Twitter’s Moments feature on Thursday as his performance reached tens of thousands on the social media platform.

Some target Kapral’s appearance on a nationally televised commercial as he was part of a Fairfield Inn promotional video. Others target how he got into the multi-tasking sport that requires both endurance and unwavering focus. He’s run a 2:30 non-juggling marathon.