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VIDEO: Full trailer for Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming Boston Marathon film

Watch the full theatrical trailer for the upcoming Boston Marathon film, "Patriots Day," starring Mark Wahlberg, to be released in theatres on Jan. 13.

Patriots Day

The official theatrical trailer for Patriots Day, the film about the 2013 Boston Marathon, is now available for viewing. The film stars Mark Wahlberg as Boston Police Department Sergeant Tommy Saunders, Kevin Bacon as a special agent, John Goodman as Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis and Michelle Monaghan as the wife of Saunders.

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Patriots Day recounts the events leading up to the 2013 Boston Marathon and details the bombings that took place on April 15, 2013. Two devices exploded at the finish line injuring more than 260 and killing three people. The Tsarnaev brothers were the ones who planted the explosives.

Patriots Day premiered on the closing night of the American Film Institute Fest on Nov. 16. So far, the film has received an 86 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes though only seven reviews have been submitted. Some of the event’s survivors were on hand at the screening in Los Angeles. The editor-in-chief for Rotten Tomatoes, a film review aggregator, had the following to say:

Parts of the movie were filmed at the 2016 Boston Marathon, which can be seen in the theatrical trailer with footage of both the start line and at the finish line. The Boston Marathon is considered the world’s most famous road race and is often considered a bucket list race for long distance runners.

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The film will be released in theatres in Canada on Jan. 13, 2017. Patriots Day is 130 minutes in length. Canadian Running is holding a contest until Jan. 4 for a chance to win tickets to the Jan. 11 advanced screenings in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Halifax and Victoria. Click here to enter the contest on Facebook or submit your entry on Twitter.

The Boston Marathon movie is directed by Peter Berg, who developed the popular television series Friday Night Lights. He was the director for Deepwater Horizon, Hancock and The Kingdom among other Hollywood hits.