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Reid Coolsaet talks training, anti-doping and highlights from his Kenya Trip

We travelled to Guelph, Ont. recently to catch up with Canadian marathoner Reid Coolsaet, who is fresh off a training camp in Iten, Kenya.

Reid Coolsaet Kenya

Love Reid Coolsaet and Eric Gillis? So do we. That’s why recently we went on a little road trip to catch up with the Canadian marathon runners by joining them for a run in Guelph, Ont.

In the first part of our video series, Coolsaet discusses his time training in Kenya this past winter, the state of doping control in the country and how he’s adjusting to being back in Canada.

He reflects on his training camp noting that it was incredible to be able to dial back by living simply and distraction-free and having time to focus only on his running. Waking up, concentrating on running and then getting proper recovery is how he filled his days in Kenya this year.

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Right now though, this country, which is known for churning out champions in distance running, is under scrutiny by the IAAF and WADA for its lax anti-doping measures. Coolsaet talks about getting tested while he was away. However as he notes, in Kenya, athletes are given a bit of forewarning prior to the test. In his case, he was told the night before that he would have to come in the following morning so that officials could carry out a test.

This differs from the Canadian protocol which is to send a tester without advance notice. There’s no time to prepare. Kenya continues to come up in the conversation about doping in the running world and Coolsaet says that this became an underlying theme during the camp.

Now though, he is back and continues to work towards the IAAF Half-Marathon Championships in Cardiff, Wales later this month. For that, he’s training on Guelph’s scenic trails with Gillis. He notes that training is going well, especially since the two men are at the same level.