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VIDEO: Toronto man runs shirtless in extreme cold

In the Toronto neighbourhood of Don Mills, a 67-year-old runs outside everyday without a shirt and in shorts

Sam Litvin

It appears the idea of layering up in frigid winter temperatures does not apply for one runner braving the elements in southern Ontario.

One Toronto man, according to journalist Aalia Adam, runs at least 2K every day (often 3-5K), shirtless, regardless of the conditions. Recently, Toronto experienced frigid temperatures under an extreme cold weather warning, which didn’t prevent Sam Litvin from running outdoors, in split shorts, a toque, gloves and without upper body layers.

In a video interview with Global News, Litvin, 67, says there’s “no specific reason” he doesn’t wear a shirt, just that he “decided not to (wear a shirt).”

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“You can do it, it’s the same as in the summer,” he says admitting that running outside in frigid conditions is “not comfortable.” The Global News Toronto video, since being posted on Jan. 6, has garnered more than 52,000 views.