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Taylor Swift goes airborne in an all-too-familiar treadmill sequence

In the latest Apple Music commercial, Taylor Swift is seen using a treadmill and experiences a runner's nightmare when she goes airborne.

Taylor Swift Treadmill

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift experienced every runner’s nightmare in the latest Apple Music commercial that the 26-year-old tweeted out this morning. While listening to Drake, Toronto’s favourite rapper, and Future’s track, Jumpman, Swift goes airborne after getting distracted on the treadmill.

In a campaign know as #TaylorVsTreadmill, Swift then admits that “life ain’t a track meet, it’s a marathon,” a familiar saying among runners. Many runners who have opted to run on the treadmill are likely to have thought of the idea of flying off the end in what would be an embarrassing moment. Especially at a public gym.

Coincidentally, one of the lines of the song is “I just seen the jet take off they up to something.” Swift does exactly that as she takes off from the treadmill and is seen laying flat at the end of the advertisement.

The Reading, Penn. native claims that the sequence is based on true events and admits that she hates cardio. She tweeted the moment out to her 74 million followers on Twitter.

It appears that she was able to shake it off with no bad blood. It’s unclear whether her and the treadmill will ever be getting back together though.

Today marked Apple’s 40th anniversary which coincides with April Fools’ Day.

It’s not the first time that treadmills have come up on April 1 as Rio 2016 is considering a rather shocking alternative for the marathon in August.