VIDEO: British 1,500m athlete drinks 10 beers, runs 10K in 39 minutes

Dale Clutterbuck is the European record holder in the beer mile and eyes the 2017 Beer Mile World Classic in London

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He’s the fastest non-Canadian ever in the beer mile and the European record holder. And Dale Clutterbuck has his heart set on winning at London 2017.

That’s not the IAAF World Championships, London’s marquee event this summer, but rather the Beer Mile World Classic, scheduled for the same week and in the same city as the global track championships. Clutterbuck, a world-class 3:38 1,500m runner, has been posting beer mile-specific training sessions to his YouTube channel in recent months. A beer mile involves drinking one beer before each lap of a 400m track, four times over, for a total of 1,609m. (The start is nine metres back from the finish line to make it a full mile.)

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His most recent session involved consuming 10 beers and running 10K. Clutterbuck, who finished second at the 2016 Beer Mile World Classic to world record holder, Corey Bellemore, completed that session in 39 minutes. Friends accompanied Clutterbuck and his training partner handing off beers, one to start and a subsequent beverage after each approximate-kilometre, from a bicycle.

Bellemore, from Windsor, Ont., holds the beer mile world record which stands at 4:34.35. That’s 13 seconds faster than Clutterbuck’s best: 4:47.39. The Brit is faster than Bellemore over the 1,500m so the battle could be close if he’s is able to improve the drinking portion of the beer mile. The top beer milers spend less than five seconds chugging each 355 mL can or bottle of at least five per cent alcohol.

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Previous training videos showing Clutterbuck’s workouts include doing ‘6 x 2 minutes, 6 x Budweiser.’ The 2017 Beer Mile World Classic is set for Aug. 12, on the penultimate day of the IAAF World Championships, at Allianz Park.

The 25-year-old told Athletics Weekly that he wants to improve in the beer mile in hopes of landing a sponsorship ahead of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Both Bellemore and Lewis Kent, the former beer mile world record holder, have sponsorship deals, with Adidas and Brooks, respectively.

The third-fastest beer miler ever limits his training incorporating beer to once per week telling Athletics Weekly that “ultimately it’s just a few beers and a bit of fun with a friend, Ben, once a week.”