VIDEO: Runner attempts to keep pace with two-hour marathon for 400m

One runner took on a single lap of a 400m track to see whether he could keep pace with a two-hour marathon

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A two-hour marathon requires an average pace of 21.1 km/h. In other words, that’s 2:50 per kilometre, 4:34 per mile, four consecutive 10Ks in 28:26 plus some, 105.5 laps of a 400m track at 68 seconds per lap, or 17 seconds per 100m a total of 422 times.

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Last month, Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge fell just short of those marks running 2:00:25 in a non-sanctioned event in Monza, Italy. Nike put on the event known as Breaking2 and the mark does not count as the official world record.

Nike Breaking2 pace reminder

To put those pacing numbers into perspective, Logan Ivey visited a local track with a few friends, his running shoes and a drone. He attempted to run one lap of a 400m track at the same pace as is required to run two hours for a marathon (42.2K).

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From above, Ivey is seen running with Kipchoge’s pace superimposed onto the track to put just how fast a sub-two-hour marathon into perspective. Starting from the 100m start line, because “I don’t know how tracks work,” he says adding that that part of the track was shaded, Ivey took off well-ahead of Kipchoge’s pace. In the end, he completed the lap in 64 seconds, about four seconds faster than two-hour marathon pace.

Close-up of what two-hour marathon pace looks like

The video has been gaining traction over the past 24 hours. Posted to YouTube on May 28, more than 3,800 people tuned in the first day. As of Tuesday morning, more than 6,000 people have watched the video entitled “Attempting to break the two-hour marathon…paced lap.”