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VIDEO: Canadian Corey Bellemore obliterates beer mile world record

Corey Bellemore of Windsor, Ont. set an unofficial beer mile world record on Thursday evening running an incredible 4:39.56.

Beer mile world record

Corey Bellemore obliterated the beer mile world record, unofficially, by almost eight seconds in Windsor, Ont. on Thursday. The Canadian university indoor champion ran 4:39.56 to better fellow Canadian Lewis Kent’s mark of 4:47.17. Beermile.com will have to verify the video in order for the time to be considered an official beer mile world record.


The video contains some profanity

Read our exclusive interview with Bellemore here.

The beer mile was run at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in southern Ontario. The 21-year-old is an accomplished middle-distance runner having eclipsed the 1:48 mark in the 800m and the 3:44 mark in the 1,500m.

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A beer mile is a 1,609m race, just over four laps of a standard 400m track, and involves drinking one 355 mL beer before the start of each lap. The beer must be five per cent alcohol and there is a limit as to how much beer can remain after each beverage is consumed. Too much residue results in disqualification.

Beers cannot be opened in advance and no tampering of the cans or bottles is permitted. Bellemore used bottles for his beer mile run. Impressively, he used a bottle opener for all four Kingfisher beers.

If an athlete vomits, they must do a penalty lap making the race 2,009 metres. According to Justin Bellemore, Corey’s brother, the unofficial record came after the beer miler worked an 11-hour work day.

Bellemore tweeted out that he’s in the offseason but that didn’t stop him from setting a record.

Kent, of London, Ont., is currently overseas and is set to contest the beer mile world classic on Sunday in England. He is the defending men’s champion in the event, one of two global championships along with the FloTrack beer mile world championships. Kent is sponsored by Brooks and is an ambassador for the national beer mile circuit, a position that could pay him in the six figures.

Only two men, Kent and Canadian Corey Gallagher, had previously run under 4:50 for the four-lap, four-beer race. Canada is arguably the world’s top country in the event and the town of Kingston, Ont. is known as the birthplace of the beer mile.

American Erin O’Mara holds the women’s beer mile world record at 6:08.51.

Bellemore recently competed for Canada at the North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) under-23 championships in El Salvador. There, Bellemore won a bronze medal in the men’s 800m.

The beer mile has grown considerably since 2014 when the first world championships were held in Texas. Variations have emerged including the beer two-mile, which involves drinking eight beers and running eight laps of a 400m track.