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VIDEO: Kilian Jornet attempts to run and ski 77K, seven summits in Norway

Watch as Kilian Jornet, one of the world's most accomplished trail and ultramarathon runners, attempts to summit seven Norwegian mountains in a single day.

Kilian Jornet

Conquering the seven summits of Norway’s Romsdalen region involves 77K and 9,000m of elevation gain. Famed mountain runner Kilian Jornet, 29, attempted the feat in a single day as he skied and ran the challenging route.

Documented in a recently-released Salomon Running short film, Jornet, who hails from the Catalonia region in Spain, is a six-time world skyrunning champion and a four-time world ultra champion. For many, he is considered a runner first.

“Kilian Jornet is considered the greatest mountain runner ever,” reads the video’s description. “But he doesn’t consider himself a runner. Join Kilian in his new backyard in Norway as he attempts to ski and run in a single day the Seven Summits of Romsdalen, a 77K route with 9,000m of elevation gain.”

Footage comes from May 2016 as Jornet is joined by Philipp Brugger. The seven summits involve the following mountains: 1,712m Juratind, 1,852m Vengetind, 1,744m Kvanndalstind, 1,552m Romsdalshorn, 1,788m Store Trolltind, 1,544m Dronninga and 1,614m Konge. According to Trail Runner Magazine, most people drive between trailheads; Jornet opted to run the connecting routes.

Jornet holds the fastest-known times for ascending and descending the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and Denali. He says he got into running to stay fit for skiing. He started ski mountaineering when he was 12.

“This film about is a bit what I like to do in mountains: To try, to fail, to achieve, to laugh with friends, to explore, but mostly to spend many hours outside,” he says.

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Earlier this year, Jornet co-won the Hardrock 100 and was set to attempt a new Mount Everest speed record but abandoned the climb because of poor weather conditions.

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Though the pair did not quite make the entire trek on the documented attempt, Jornet was back on his skis the following day.

According to Salomon, Jornet completed the seven summits in 23:28:14 totalling 77.6K and 9,002m elevation gain one month after attempting the route with Brugger.