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VIDEO: The only thing worse than running on a treadmill is running on Lego

A YouTube group proved that there is something worse than running on a treadmill: Running barefoot on a treadmill with Lego blocks.

Lego Treadmill Challenge

RUNNING ON LEGO! YouTube.com/challenge ?

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Runners who are not big fans of treadmill running know the pains of having to resort to using the belted machine. These YouTubers found out first hand an even more painful version of treadmill running: The Lego treadmill challenge.

If you’ve ever stepped on a piece of Lego around the house, you’ll know it’s not a great feeling. In this video, two men took turns running on a treadmill while two others poured blocks of Lego on the machine. The end result is cringeworthy.

Lego Treadmill Challenge

“We thought it would be a great idea to take off our socks and go for a run on Lego,” says the creators. “We are not the most sporty people in the world but we thought it would be super fun (for you) to run on the treadmill as another member chucks Lego under our bare feet.”

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Lego blocks are plastic interlocking bricks made by the Danish company of the same name. The blocks are used to assemble larger figures like buildings, vehicles and cities. The product is particularly popular among the younger demographic.

Full video

One of the guys ended up with bloody feet after trying to run on the treadmill for approximately 30 seconds. The YouTube star didn’t help things by stomping on the Lego as it was poured onto the moving belt of the treadmill. Only two of the four members of the web series, “Where’s My Challenge,” took turns running on the treadmill.

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Four British men who comprise the “Where’s My Challenge” group accept user-submitted ideas and turn those ideas into videos. Many of their other challenges involve eating aged or unpleasant foods.


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The video has more than 900,000 views since its release date on July 25. The “Where’s My Challenge” channel has more than 1.1 million subscribers on the video platform YouTube.

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