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VIDEO: President Obama admits he’s a track nerd

The President of the United States admitted that he's a big track fan by revealing his favourite Olympic event and favourite athlete.

President Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama admitted on Monday that he prefers track and field over any other Olympic event.

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The U.S. President and his wife Michelle filmed a short video at the White House on Monday to share thoughts on the Olympic Games. The two traded questions in regards to the ongoing Games, which grab the world’s attention every four years.

The President’s favourite Olympian

“It’s got to be Jesse Owens even though it’s a bit before my time. Not only being the fastest man in the world but doing it in front of the Nazis sending a clear signal about what America stands for, the equality of all human beings, pretty powerful stuff.”

Owens won four gold medals while having to face racial severe discrimination and Nazi propaganda at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. He is considered one of the greatest runners in history.

The President’s favourite Olympic event to watch

“I got to go with the 200m. The 100m is a great race but it’s over a little too quick. Whereas the 200m you can see them [the athletes] coming around the curve. Michael Johnson when he was running the 200m in his gold shoes, that’s a memory.”

The First Lady’s favourite Olympic memory

“The Olympics was an event and every one would sit around the T.V. The Olympics would take over life. The opening ceremony was outstanding. Everyone in the neighbourhood would watch.”

The U.S. President’s wife admits that she would do gymnastics if she had the chance to compete in an Olympic event of her choosing. She is also big fan of running. Earlier this year, she hosted the White House’s first-ever fun run during an Easter event in Washington, D.C.

Although Michelle and Barack are not currently in Rio, the White House Instagram account has been giving followers a behind-the-scenes look. Officials were at the Canada versus Brazil beach volleyball game recently and posted a photo from the stands in Rio.

North of the U.S.-Canada border, Justin Trudeau extended his best wishes to Canada’s athletes recently and has been congratulating medallists on his social media accounts.

“On behalf of all Canadians, I extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to our athletes who have displayed such tremendous dedication and commitment,” Trudeau said in an Aug. 5 statement. “They motivate us — especially our young people — to be more active in sport, whether it is in our own backyards, in local parks, or in sport venues from coast to coast to coast. We are very proud of each and every one of them, and confident that they will be excellent ambassadors of Canada’s culture, athleticism, and values.

“We, Team Canada — 35 million people strong — will be watching and cheering on 314 Canadian athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Good luck and make us proud.”