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VIDEO: Rugged, downhill mountain running in Iceland

Salomon Running TV's latest feature video involves a pair of British mountain runners descending the glaciers and slopes of Iceland.

Downhill running Iceland

Though mountain running is often known for its uphills, the downhill portions can be equally as tough, especially on rugged terrain. There’s not too many better at downhill running than British fell (mountain) runners Ricky Lightfoot and Tom Owens as they descend mountains in Iceland in the latest Salomon Running TV series.

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Lightfoot and Owens search Iceland for the perfect mountain to do downhill running and let loose as they descend, almost uncontrollably, some of the country’s most picturesque landmarks. The two athletes are accomplished mountain and ultrarunners.

“Along with Tom Owens, we worked hard on this one, lots of downhill [running], Brennivín and good food,” Lightfoot wrote on Instagram. “Needless to say it was more than just our legs that were hurting at the end of the week.”

The Nordic island country of 320,000 is well-known for having active volcanoes and steep glaciers. As can be seen in the video, the mountain running terrain can also get pretty tough.

The latest episode, the fifth in season five, comes after North Vancouver, B.C.’s Ellie Greenwood was featured in episode three running through the streets of Barcelona. The footwear and apparel company had some of the best trail running videos of 2015 too, some of which can be found here.

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