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VIDEO: Runners get huge mid-race air into cross-country mud pit

Two high school runners at a Texas cross-country race kicked off September with unforgettable mid-race moments: A cannonball and a belly flop.

Cross-country wipeout

A cannonball and a belly flop are two things that are not often seen at cross-country races.

With cross-country races in Canada around the corner (in some places, the season has already arrived), two runners are sure to get fans in the mood with some acrobatic jumps into a water pit. The two high school runners were competing at a Texas cross-country race when they reached a large, natural barrier.

The Sept. 1 race, the Gingerbread Jamboree, in Denton, Texas featured an unavoidable water pit on the race course. Most runners decided to accelerate through it to minimize wetness. A runner in a black singlet figured he would impress the crowd with a cannonball.

The cannonball was followed by a runner in a red singlet belly flopping into the same pit.

One photographer had an ideal angle to watch the dives unfold from the side.

Other runners at the same Texas cross-country meet had a chance to take a dip in the muddy course waters too.

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According to Milesplit USA, the video was taken by Billy Cvecko, a former runner with the University of Syracuse. The Syracuse men’s team, which features Canadians Justyn Knight and Adam Palamar, is a favourite to win the team championships at the American university cross-country championships this fall.

The video, which FloTrack posted to Facebook, has more than 400,000 views since its release on Thursday.

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In Canada, cross-country typically begins in early September with the more serious competitions taking place in October and November. The Canadian university championships are being held at the University of Laval in Quebec City on Nov. 12.