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Video shows runner run incredibly fast joggling beer mile race

Just when we thought the beer mile wasn't hard enough, this runner added a juggling element.

As beer miles continue to increase in popularity, it seems the event┬ájust gets weirder and weirder. The event was once an under-the-radar feat associated with college campuses or thought to be a sort of frat-style drinking game. Now, it seems that every runner has tried one and is aiming to lower their beer mile PB. It’s become a normal social event for runners and Canadians have become known as the dominant country in the event– or the Kenyans of the beer mile, as we like to call it.

Even former world record holder Lewis Kent got a sponsorship deal for his notably strong performances in the beer mile and recently, Beau’s Brewery put his name on one of their brews.

There’s a beer mile record and world championships in the event. Most recently though, one Canadian Running contributor– Graydon Snider— kicked it up a notch by combining the beer mile with another off-the-wall running challenge: joggling. Over the weekend, Snider set what is believed to be the joggling beer mile record by running a beer mile while juggling in 8:34. The video is above.

What are the rules of the beer mile?

In running a beer mile, participants must drink a full five per cent alcohol beer from either a can or a bottle and then run 400m. Usually that happens on a track. They repeat this process four times to run a full mile. If a runner throws up, they must run a penalty lap. They must also finish the entire contents of the bottle before starting the run component.

OK, what is “joggling”?


It’s kind of what it sounds like: jogging while juggling. Yes, this is a thing. Our former editor, Michal Kapral is a well-known joggler. Not only do you have to be fast, you have to be able to have your hand-eye coordination in point while out for a run.