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VIDEO: Sprinter’s priceless reaction after being upgraded to gold medal

Spanish sprinter Bruno Hortelano had the best reaction after learning his second-place finish had been upgraded to gold because of a DQ.

Bruno Hortelano

Bruno Hortelano of Spain had the best reaction after learning he had won gold at the European track championships in the men’s 200m. He originally placed second but first-place finisher Churandy Martina was disqualified for stepping out of his lane.

Runners must stay within their lanes in races 400m and shorter. The moment came in the media zone following the Euro championships, the prelude to the Olympics. Hortelano will represent Spain in the 100m and 200m at the Rio Olympics, which begin on Aug. 5.

At first the Cornell University graduate didn’t believe the reporter when first hearing of the news, partially because of translation difficulty. Fortunately for Hortelano, the news proved to be true and he celebrated by sprinting back out to the track.

The video has since been seen more than 25,000 times after first being uploaded on July 8. The championships are being held in Amsterdam.

The race in its entirety can be seen below: