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VIDEO: Tough love from Usain Bolt’s mother

Usain Bolt impressed a lot of people on Thursday with his second gold medal of Rio 2016 but got some tough love from his mother, Jennifer.

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt’s toughest critic: His mother, Jennifer.

After the 29-year-old, who turns 30 on Sunday, won the men’s 200m on Thursday in Rio at the 2016 Olympics, his mother had a rather unsatisfied reaction to his victory. The win was his second gold medal of Rio 2016 and his third consecutive gold in the 200m at the Olympics, dating back to 2008.

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Of course, the above clip of his mother is only a snippet of her overall reaction to Bolt’s race. However, it appears that she says “19.79,” the time that Bolt ran during the race, which preceded her reaction. Bolt speculated before the race that he was looking to run sub-19, which would have taken .20 seconds off of his 19.19 world record.

It was like she was thinking “what, no world record?”

In the end, the race was a bit slower than most anticipated with only Bolt going under 20 seconds. He ran a similar time in the semifinals and was seen smiling and laughing with Canadian Andre De Grasse (see below photo) who pushed him to the line in the lead-up race to the finals.

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On the opposite end of the celebratory spectrum was this Twitter user’s mother, who was holding a pair of pot lids as Bolt ran the 200m in 19.79.


Bolt, arguably the most popular athlete in the world, kept his cool on Thursday evening ahead of his 200m race. He was seen pre-race doing some dance moves and staying relaxed before he beat De Grasse and France’s Christophe Lemaitre on the podium.

Usain Bolt, spreading happiness wherever he goes!

After the Olympics, Bolt’s mother is hoping that he settles down and gets married.

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Bolt’s race in slow-motion