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VIDEO: Usain from Jamaica calls in to TV show, host doesn’t realize it’s Usain Bolt

Usain from Jamaica called in to a post-game soccer television show and surprised the host who at the time didn't realize it was Usain Bolt.

Usain Bolt Manchester United

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt surprised a television host with an unexpected phone call on the weekend.

The nine-time Olympic champion, who was introduced simply as Usain from Jamaica, called in to Manchester United’s television channel on Dec. 31 to discuss the soccer club’s victory. Mandy Henry, the show’s host, proceeded to ask, “it’s not Usain Bolt is it?”

It turned out to be Bolt, who is an avid Manchester United fan, on the other end of the line. ““It is Usain Bolt,” the 30-year-old replied. The call came after Manchester United defeated Middlesbrough 2-1 in an English Premier League game at Old Trafford.

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Though the phone connection was not the greatest, the interview can be watched below. Bolt, who has won three gold medals in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m at three consecutive Olympic Games, posted on Twitter following the exchange confirming his identity.


Bolt’s tweet

Henry’s response

“They came through like the old Manchester United,” Bolt said during the phone interview. “They came through and pushed on and persevered, the Manchester United way. It was a great match, I am very happy about this.”

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The host then goes on to ask Bolt of his New Year’s Even plans in Jamaica to which he responds that he would be hanging out at home and taking in the fireworks. Bolt is coming off one of his best years of his career including three wins at the 2016 Olympics. He’s expected to retire after the IAAF World Championships in London this summer.