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VIDEO: Watch this champ run on seven treadmills all at once

But how many attempts did it take to get this good?

If one treadmill is enough to churn your stomach, try seven.

The treadmill – or “dreadmill” as many runners who have an aversion to the exercise equipment have nicknamed it – is something many endurance athletes feel strongly about. Some love that it gives the option to workout without experiencing Mother Nature’s harshest elements, others avoid it at all costs. Recently one runner has completely changed the meaning of treadmill running. 

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Seen first on a LADbible post that circulated on Facebook (embedded above), this short video shows a runner make her way laterally along a row of seven treadmills over and back without so much as a near stumble. (Talk about coordination…) She has sort of given a whole new name to “treadmill workout.”

While this runner’s treadmill trick is an entertaining watch, we’re not necessarily going to recommend testing it out as it’s likely to produce as least one sprained ankle or battered leg. 

There’s one question we have for this runner though: how many falls did she take in learning how to perfect this stunt?