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Warming up for the track workout with Eric Gillis

Curious about how Eric Gillis earns his success? Well, a good warm-up is part of it. See how this distance runner warms up on the track.

Are you warming up properly before your workouts? Easing into the speed work on the track by taking the time to get the muscles warmed up is essential for every runner. There is no shortage of drills to try on the track to improve your running and your overall form.

We hung out with one of Canada’s best distance runners and Rio-bound athlete Eric Gillis to ask him how he warms up on the track. He recommends a few exercises: running zig zags, running along on of the lines on the track making sure feet and arms don’t cross over and running clockwise on the track. Watch our video above to see how he does it.

“One of the biggest benefits I find is just getting on the track on an easy run day and getting the opportunity to go in a clockwise direction because I go the opposite way during workouts,” he says. “I do just a few kilometres in that direction.”

Recently, Gillis had an incredible performance in Vancouver winning Canada’s largest 10K in 28:52. See the behind the scenes details of his successful race.