Weird and memorable race moments

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After Mo Farah’s recent New York Half fall and recovery to finish second, we got thinking about what other events may be remembered as odd moments in running history.

For those who may have missed, Mo Farah tripped partway through the the New York Half-Marathon earlier in March, falling behind the leaders. He recovered and repassed all his competitors except Geoffrey Mutai to finish second and collapsing at the finish line.

Stephen Kiprotich wins 2013 world championship

The reigning Olympic champion, Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda, used a funky zig-zag maneuver to shake Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia in the final kilometres of the marathon at the 2013 world championship.

Josephat Machuka punches Haile Gebrselassie

In 1992 at the world junior championships, Josephat Machuka was passed in the final straight of the 10,000m by Haile Gebrselassie. Machuka punched Gebrselassie in the back of the head before the finish line.

Gebrselassie went on to become one of the greatest distance runners ever. Machuka also went on to have an incredible career as a distance runner but is often remembered for the punch.

Paula Radcliffe stops to pee before winning 2005 London Marathon

Paula Radcliffe, the women’s world record holder in the marathon, stopped briefly to relieve herself towards the end of the 2005 London Marathon. She went on to win the race.

Vanderlei de Lima pushed into the crowd during 2004 Olympic marathon

Brazil’s Vanderlei de Lima was winning the 2004 Olympic marathon and seemed poised for a possible win when he was forced into the crowd by Irish priest Neil Horan who has previously disrupted other major sporting events.

De Lima regained himself to finish to race but was passed twice in the final kilometres, finishing third. He was awarded the Pierre de Coubertin medal after the event. The medal is only awarded under circumstances where an athlete has displayed outstanding levels of sportsmanship.