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You haven’t seen toughness until you see what happened to this photographer

Photographer Victah Sailer was hit by an errant shot put during the world indoor championships on Friday and was fortunately able to walk it off.

photographer hit shot put

During track and field events, photographers sometimes place themselves in dangerous positions to take the perfect shot. On Friday at the world indoor championships in Portland, Ore., this cameraman got a little too close to the action.

Victor Sailer, a well-known photographer in the running community, was on the edge of the competition area when pentathlete American Kendell Williams launched a shot put to her left and foul hitting Sailer in the shin. Fortunately, Sailer was not seriously hurt and would continue working until a stoppage between events.

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According to Spikes.com, Sailer gave the afflicted area a quick rub to deal with the pain. A women’s shot put weighs four kilograms with competitors aiming to toss the shot as far as possible from within a designated area (throwing circle).

In the video, Williams is caught apologizing for the errant throw followed by an “oops.” Fouls regularly happen in throwing events as athletes try keep their tosses within a certain area in order to be eligible for measurement.

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The incident happened during the women’s pentathlon, a five-event discipline that includes running, throwing, and jumping events. Canadian Brianne Theisen-Eaton would go on to win the gold medal thanks to a superb run in the 800m, which ended up being the deciding event.

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Day three of the four-day event is set to begin on Saturday afternoon. It would come as no surprise to see Sailer back out on the track taking some great photos.