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American runs more than 160K on a track in under 12 hours

Running on a track for nearly 12 hours and covering over 400 laps: That was how Zach Bitter spent his weekend setting an American record.

Zach Bitter completed 402.5 laps of a 400m track in the span of 12 hours, completing the 100-mile race in 11:40:55.
Zach Bitter
If you thought running for 12 consecutive hours is tough, try running it in circles entirely on an oval track.

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At the Desert Solstice Invitational in Arizona, Zach Bitter ran an American track record in the 100-mile (160 kilometres) running 11:40:55, 4:35 per kilometre pace (7:01 per mile pace).

That’s 402.5 laps of the track. Bitter won $600 USD for his efforts.

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The only escape of running for 12 consecutive hours? Turn around and run the opposite direction (Bitter can be seen running both clockwise and counter-clockwise in the highlight video).