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There are communities in Nova Scotia with a smaller population than the number of volunteers at Maritime Race Weekend. For everything to run smoothly, we need four hundred people in our pirate crew and I have just over 75 spots left to fill. If you are interested in helping and have five hours to spare, then please sign-up here! Fun is 100 per cent guaranteed.

Weeks before we start recruiting for the pirate crew, I receive emails and texts from seasoned pirates eager to help with Maritime Race Weekend. (See the text messages below.)

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It’s especially awesome when volunteers are willing to do any job needed and take ownership of something even if it’s difficult – like course marshaling a busy intersection for example.

I have a two-week window to recruit and assign the pirate crew. I don’t know how I’ would reach everyone without technology– social media and email are game changers for event planning.

The race doesn’t happen without volunteers. In addition to ensuring volunteers work in teams and enjoy their experience, there are perks like limited edition swag and surprises from sponsors.

Most of the volunteers are my friends from local run clubs, family MRW Aug 25 3members or people who live in the community.

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Large events often struggle to find enough volunteers, but it just became a lot easier with the birth of On-Point Volunteer Association. Tracey Random started the not-for-profit group and has endless amounts of energy and ideas. She brings a crew of international students eager to get involved, bring enthusiasm and enjoy working with people. We are thrilled On-Point will be volunteering at Maritime Race Weekend.


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