Michelle Kempton is busy year-round with organizing the Maritime Race Weekend. Last week her main focus was taking her volunteers out for a movie night! 
Maritime Race Weekend, Feb. 29'16

February weather in Nova Scotia is a mix of rain and snow. We rarely see the sun. Thankfully, the good weather will soon be here and so will race day.

Even though the race is eight months away, there’s still a lot to do. I’m keeping busy planning surprises for the five year anniversary celebration, meeting with sponsors and last week, the top priority was to host a volunteer appreciation event. I organize two per year, one in the winter and the other in the summer. We’re so busy during race weekend, a volunteer appreciation event gives us a chance to socialize, stay connected, give away prizes and thank volunteers in person for helping.

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With the winter weather getting many of us down, I thought watching an inspirational running movie would be a perfect activity for the event with our pirate crew – especially considering that 80 per cent of our volunteers are runners. We rented a movie theatre and invited the volunteers to come to the movie screening.

The vibe was so positive that it made me realize how much I miss seeing the pirate crew in the off-season – I can’t wait for sunshine and September.


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