When winter sets in, it takes some of us nearly everything we’ve got to keep from slipping into hibernation. If your motivation has taken a bit of a dive, know you’re not alone. If there’s one silver lining about winter though, it’s that at this time of year, the gear just seems to be so much better. Dressing up warm isn’t an issue when wearing the season’s best trends. Right now at the beginning of winter, runners can have their pick among plenty of bold, patterned tights. In the round-up above, we picked from of our favourite tights that are sure to add a little pop of colour to stark white landscapes. 

The North Face Women’s High Waisted Printed Leggings, $109.99

Tights with a high waist like these ones are going to give runners confidence that they will stay in place throughout the long run. This pair comes in a nice print and with its black, white and grey colour scheme, it will easily match with a runner’s favourite jacket or vest. 

Zoot Women’s Keep It Tight, $84.99 

Made with moisture-managing fabrics, these Zoot tights will wick away the sweat to keep runners feeling comfortable on training runs in chilly weather. The splash of hot pink at the bottoms of this pair adds a nice, fun twist to your basic black leggings. 

MEC Sanctuary Tight, $58.00

MEC’s designers have really been getting runners dressed to impress lately. The Sanctuary Tight is affordable, durable and eye-catching as ever. In the cold, dark days of January and February, runners will be reaching for these first. 

Nike Power Epic Lux, $89.99 

Nike succeeds again with this piece of apparel. If you want to be wearing the winter’s trendiest running gear, these blue printed tights are a good place to start. Wearing these is a fun way to dress up an all-black running outfit. 

New Balance Printed Impact Tight, $79.99 

If there’s one thing New Balance is good at it’s blending quality with trendy-looking styles. These ones are bound to win a runner plenty of compliments this season too. The back zip-up pocket is a nice little details for runners to keep keys, cash or lip balm for chapped winter lips. 

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