cthulhu balaclava

Last year it was animal-themed balaclavas. This winter, it may be the Cthulhu.

With conditions across the country becoming increasingly winter-like, Canadians will have to bundle up when heading outdoors. One piece of apparel that may be in a runner’s lineup is a balaclava, which exposes just a portion of one’s face, especially useful in windy conditions.

One warm and tentacle-abundant version of the balaclava popped up recently and has been gaining traction on social media. Given that snow has hit many spots across the country, including in the typically warmer climate of Vancouver, December is just about the right time of year to start adding on the layers when running.

The Cthulhu is a fictional character that resembles an octopus and a dragon that lives in water. The website Nerdist described the balaclava as “Cthulhu ski masks will keep you warm and horrifying.”

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After the piece of equipment was shared on Facebook, one person commented saying “it’s great for skiing, pretty uncomfortable for running” after wearing it during a 12K race. Another person chimed in saying “for when you want to look like you have an epic trail beard without actually having an epic trail beard.”

cthulhu balaclava

The knitted and dangling pieces could make running long distances somewhat uncomfortable.

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The featured balaclava is named a “Barbarian Knit Octopus Beanie Balaclava.” Some say it resembles the character Ood from Doctor Who while others suggest it resembles Zoidberg from Futurama. The balaclava has received a 4.5-star rating based on more than 140 customer reviews on Amazon. It retails for less than $10.

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