Winter conditions are in full effect for runners across the country.

Canadian Running readers shared their weekend experiences battling the elements from coast-to-coast. In true Canadian fashion, many runners opted to go outdoors despite temperatures dipping to as low as -30 C with the windchill. The result? Lots of icicle-filled selfies.

CR asked readers, “Who got in those winter kilometres today?” on a social media with more than 200 people chiming in. Below is what you had to say.

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A few of the many replies

“Oh sweet pavement! I wish… Was a sloppy 12K today.” – @ErinMcclure1

“Damn cold but so worth it! #RunYYC” – @mommytosubthree

“10K in Carman, Man. A balmy -22 C.” – @carmanrunner

“Me! 18K! Cold but sunny and clear footing. My favourite conditions.” – @trainer_lisa

“We had a storm last night here in NS but the sidewalks got plowed so did 5K on the still snowy sidewalks with spikes on my shoes, fresh air was great.” – Chris Gidney

“9K in -17C (feels like -23) on snow-covered country roads in Bolton-East, Quebec! The only other living creatures I came across: a pack of 50 or so wild turkeys!” – Sandra Grace Neil

“9K Vancouver, Kitsilano. Took in Burrard Bridge and Granville bridge and back home along the seawall. Some ice getting up onto Granville Street but nothing like during the week. Beautiful clear view of the mountains and 2 degrees above zero.” – Jillian Jackson

“A brisk 4 C in Victoria, but managed to get 25K in before the rain (liquid snow, for all those east of here) started.” – James Clare

“Beautiful 4K today in Muskoka in loose packed snow on the sidewalk & road. Sure going to have sore calves tomorrow but totally worth it!” – Madison Wright

“Nope. Wimped out because of the cold. Got on my elliptical machine instead.” – Nancy Dufour-MacKenzie

“16K in Calgary yesterday with windchill of -25 C. All and all a great run!” – Stephanie Ralph

“8.06K. -20 C,-23 C with windchill. Winnipeg. Rather nice for a winter run.” – Gord Keeley

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