Barkley Marathons finisher John Kelly shared “vivid-“coloured photos to Instagram of the race site from his time back home for the winter holidays. The weather was about as foggy as the registration process of actually entering the Barkley, a highly-secretive aspect of the event.

“I’ve been looking out my childhood bedroom window at Chimney Top all week, so I thought I would share some stunning pictures from Frozen Head State Park for those not fortunate enough to spend time across the street from it during the holidays,” he says per his Instagram post. “I went for a run at high noon to be sure I could capture the park in as much vivid colour as possible. Normally I wouldn’t show sections of Barkley in such detail, but I was feeling festive and wanted to share.”

The site of the Barkley Marathons is Frozen Head State Park in the Wartburg, Tenn. area where Kelly grew up. The more-than-100-mile trail race goes off annually on the weekend of April Fools.

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Kelly won the Lookout Mountain 50, a 50-mile trail race near Chattanooga, Tenn., clocking 7:27:44, on Dec. 16.

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In April, Kelly became the 15th person to finish the famously tough and quirky trail race in the thick brush of the Tennessee mountains near Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary.

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