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5 reasons it’s time to give trail running a try

You deserve some fun, so why not get out of the house to hit the trails?

Photo by: Philipp Reiter/Golden Trail Series

If you mainly stick to the track or roads for your workouts, trail running is a great way to mix up your training. Hitting the trails gives you the chance to try something new, explore different routes and work different muscles than you use on flat terrain. There are so many reasons why you should go for a trail run, and what better time than the present? 

It’s spring

After a long winter, it’s officially spring, and that’s definitely worth celebrating. Even if the weather isn’t springlike yet in your area, you can get out and enjoy the fresh air and dream of the warmer temperatures that are on their way. A great place to do that is on trails, where you’ll really get to take in all that nature has to offer. 

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A different workout

Running on flat ground, like the road or track, is great exercise, but on the trails, you put your body through something different. On the trails, you have to be tuned in, both mentally and physically, with every step. If every muscle isn’t engaged, you could find yourself falling down a hill or into the bushes. You’ll certainly feel your legs after your workout in the woods.

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Breaking up the monotony

After a year of no travelling, no nights out and a few lockdowns, you’re probably pretty tired of seeing the same places every day. If you’re a runner who has one or two go-to routes, then you almost certainly need a change of scenery. Going to explore trails will give you a chance to break out of the monotony that you have probably felt in the last year of this pandemic, and you’ll get a bit of an adventure, which is something we can all use right now.

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Alone time

You can have alone time wherever you run, but you’re apt to see a lot of people on the streets, especially as the weather gets nicer. Finding some trails could be your ticket away from everyone else and to some well-deserved “me time.” Listen to your favourite tunes or podcasts, or ditch the headphones altogether and listen to the sounds of your breath, your feet hitting the trail and your surroundings. We guarantee you’ll come out in a zen-like (although tired) state after a nice run in the woods.

It’s fun

Trail running is fun. That’s really the only reason you need.

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