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Kilian Jornet leaves his sponsor Salomon after 18 years

Jornet has won many of the world's top ultras with Salomon as his sponsor

Photo by: Photo: Salomon Canada

One of the world’s best trail runners, Kilian Jornet, is leaving his sponsor, Salomon, after 18 years with the outdoor brand.

Hardrock 100
Photo: Philipp Reiter.

On Wednesday, he announced on Instagram that he will be leaving Salomon to focus on starting a new personal project. Many of his fans are speculating about whether he will create his own sports brand, but so far, nothing specific has been announced on what’s next for Jornet.

“I remember it like it was yesterday: in the summer of 2003, a friend of a friend gave me a few pairs of trail shoes. The man ended up being the marketing director of Salomon in Spain,” Jornet said on Instagram. “From that moment on, Salomon not only became my sponsor but a partner in life. They became part of my family.”

Jornet has won almost all of the major ultramarathons, such as the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) and the Hardrock 100, multiple times, and he has set course records at both; in 2011 he won the Western States 100. The Spanish runner also has an impressive mountaineering background, with multiple FKTs in the Alps as well as and multiple other speed ascents during his Summits of My Life book project.