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Kim Magnus first Canadian to finish at 2018 Trail World Championships

Only three out of six Canadians finish grueling 85K race in the mountains of Spain

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Nick Elson, Stephanie Case and Anne-Marie Madden of Team Canada all DNF’d at the Trail World Championships in Penyagolosa, Spain yesterday. Their three remaining teammates finished the 85K race in well under the allotted time of 15 hours.

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Kim Magnus of Vancouver was the first Canadian to finish, in 119th place, her time 11:23:00. Cody Callon of Vancouver finished in 12:04:59, and Jack Sikkema of Hamilton, Ont. in 12:36:18.

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Judging by an Instagram post the day before the race, it looks like Case may have been battling a stomach bug.

Luis Alberto Hernando, 40, of Team Spain was also dealing with gastric issues during the first part of the race, but still managed to win his third consecutive event, in 08:38:35, with his teammate Cristofer Clemente second in 08:46:19. Tom Evans of Team United Kingdom was third, in 08:49:35. (Evans burst onto the scene in 2017 with a 3rd place finish at Marathon des Sables, the six-day, 251K ultramarathon in the Sahara desert.)

Ragna Debats of Team Netherlands was the first woman to finish, in 09:55:00.

In men’s team results, Team Spain was first, followed by Team United Kingdom and Team France. Among the women, Team Spain was again first, with Team France in second and Team United States third.

263 competitors finished the gruelling race, which began at sea level in the city of Castellón and passed through eight towns, ascending 1,280 meters before finishing at Sant Joan de Penyagolosa mountain. The total elevation change was 5,000 metres. 

At 1.813m, Penyagolosa is the highest peak in the Castellón province of eastern Spain, about 100 kilometres north of Valencia. 

Racers had 15 hours to complete the course.