Documentary showing Gary Robbins’ Barkley attempts goes on tour across Canada in October

A second big-deal Barkley Marathons documentary hits the big screen, with Robbins and filmmaker Ethan Newberry

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It’s LIVE!! Myself and Ethan Newberry will be touring his new, yet to be released, Barkley film “Where Dreams Go To Die” chronicling my two failed attempts at completing the notorious Barkley Marathons in Tennessee. – – Our film tour commences on October 12th right here in North Vancouver and then covers 13 cities in 21 days! I hope to see as many friends and family as possible, and hope to make as many new friends as possible along the way! – – All info and tickets available via – – A portion of proceeds will be donated to Frozen Head State Park. – – North Vancouver – Oct 12th Seattle – Oct 13th Portland – Oct 15th San Fran – Oct 17th Edmonton – Oct 19th Calgary – Oct 21st Toronto – Oct 22nd Ottawa – Oct 23rd Nashville – Oct 25th Washington – Oct 26th Denver – Oct 29th Phoenix – Oct 30th Ogden – Nov 2nd

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If you’re one of the many runners with a strong case of Barkley fever, brace yourself for the newest must-see trail documentary based on the infamous Barkley Marathons: Where Dreams Go To Die. With the next round of the Barkley Marathons not happening for oh, another seven months or so, this should fill the void for now. 

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The soon-to-be-released doc features Gary Robbins and his experience at the Barkley. He has run it twice and has made it farther than any other Canadian, however he has not yet completed the nearly impossible trail race. This past spring, he captivated the attention of runners not just across Canada, but globally, when he made it to the finish line coming from the wrong direction after getting confused in the foggy and snowy conditions during the race. 

See the advanced preview of the documentary here:

As Robbins, who is arguably Canada’s favourite trail runner, puts it, the flick documents “my two failed attempts at completing the notorious Barkley Marathons in Tennessee.” After his second try at the monstrous race resulted in a near miss, Robbins took some time before deciding whether or not he’d return in 2018 to see if the third time’s the charm on the rugged and treacherous course. Just recently, he confirmed that he will in fact, take another stab.

With this new Barkley film, Robbins will be touring with Ethan Newberry. The tour starts on Oct. 12 and covers 13 cities in three weeks.

North Vancouver is their first stop. That screening sold 500 seats in the first 24 hours. It has since sold out. Other Canadian cities on the tour include Edmonton (Oct. 19), Calgary (Oct. 21), Toronto (Oct. 22) and Ottawa (Oct. 23).