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Beth Pascall shatters Bob Graham Round FKT in 14:34:26

Pascall becomes the fifth-fastest runner of the Bob Graham Round ever

Photo by: Kim Collison/Twitter

Beth Pascall is an England-based ultrarunner who took Jasmin Paris’s Bob Graham Round FKT on Friday by nearly an hour. The runner, who’s also a pediatrician, ran a 14:34:26 to Paris’s 15:24 from 2016. Paris would go on to become the first woman to win the UK’s Montane Spine Race in the winter of 2019. The Bob Graham Round is a traverse of 42 peaks starting and finishing at Keswick in England’s Lake District, an hour and a half north of where Pascall lives, in the Peak District. 

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The route is named after Bob Graham (the first person to do the route in under 24 hours in 1932), whose record stood until 1960. It’s approximately 66 miles (106K) long and has 8,600m of elevation gain. It must be done in under 24 hours. Pascall is easily the fastest woman to cover the route, but she’s also the fifth-fastest person ever, which places her among runners like Killian Jornet (who holds the men’s FKT, which is only an hour and 42 minutes faster). 

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This certainly isn’t Pascall’s first notable results. She placed fourth at UTMB in 2018, she was fourth at Western States in 2019 and she’s holds the FKT for the Cape Wrath Trail in four days, nine hours and 43 minutes. 

Pascall’s run is one more inspiring performance to add to the list of notable FKT’s that have been run during the pandemic. Others include John Kelly’s Pennine Way FKT (that has since been broken), Kim Collison’s Lake District record and Sabrina Verjee’s Wainwright peaks record

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