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Gary Robbins is a runner turned cyclist (for the summer)

Cycling appears to be filling the void for the injured runner

Gary Robbins
Photo credit: Terry McKall

Gary Robbins, one of the world’s top ultra-endurance athletes, has been diagnosed with a stress reaction in the neck of his femur. The injury has sidelined Robbins from running, but not from all activity. 


Cycling appears to be filling the void for the runner. Robbins posted on Instagram saying, “I am thankful that this injured runner can somehow still pedal a bike without pain and I intend to make the most of this new pursuit…right up until the day I get cleared to run again.” According to Strava, Robbins is spending a lot of time on his mountain bike. Cycling is a great way for runners to cross-train and maintain fitness through an injury. 

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Robbins is not only a great runner but a respected race director. He’s started combining work with pleasure, logging rides to set up signs for the upcoming Squamish 50 August 18-19th which he directs. 

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Robbins, who’s used to competition, tried his hand at bike racing last month. Just before he was diagnosed with his stress reaction, Robbins raced the Spakwus 35K finishing ninth in his division in 1:36:26–not bad for a runner. The race is 35 kilometres on a single-track course, similar to what Robbins would be accustomed to running on.