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Kilian Jornet summits 177 peaks in eight days

"One of the most difficult things I've ever done," he said

KILIAN12 Photo by: Coros

One of the greatest mountain and ultrarunners in the world has conquered a new feat: Kilian Jornet recently summited all 177 peaks over 3,000 metres in the Pyrenees in a single eight-day push. “One of the most difficult things I’ve ever done,” Jornet shared on Instagram: serious words from an athlete known for his diverse range of ability and long, often solo, mountain adventures.

Jornet’s enviable list of achievements includes a number of legendary course records in the ultra-trail world, including Colorado’s infamous Hardrock 100. Jornet also holds a number of FKTs, sky-running records and mountaineering accomplishments, including the speed record for the ascent and descent of major mountains such as the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.

Earlier this year, Jornet was forced to withdraw from the renowned Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB), which he has won four times, after sustaining an injury in his sacrum during the Eiger Trail race in Switzerland. He had been a favourite to win and set the course record at the 2022 edition (a speedy 19:49:30, bested this year by Jim Walmsley of the U.S. in 19:37:43).

Kilian Jornet
Photo: Philipp Reiter

The athlete grew up in Cerdanya, in the eastern Pyrenees, which cover both Spain and France. The area is known for its elevation and beauty, both of which played a significant role in shaping Jornet’s love for mountain sports. “(Re)discovering the peaks where I grew up took me eight days, 177 peaks, and more than 40,000 metres of elevation gain,” Jornet said.

Jornet is widely respected for sharing his training data of all kinds, for both public interest and scientific use. His followers were able to track him on Strava, where each summit was posted. A staunch environmental advocate, Jornet was self-propelled during the adventure and biked between mountains. “I had climbed these peaks when I was 13 but did not remember them, making this a visually intense experience,” he said.

“From Frondiella to Pica d’Estats, I’ve enjoyed every step and collected memories for a lifetime,” he added.

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