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Last chance to support Canadian mountain runners

The 2019 World Mountain Running Championships is this week, and it's your last chance to show your support

Team Canada has landed in Argentina for the World Mountain Running Championships happening this weekend. On November 15 and 16, 20 athletes from across Canada will be racing in either the World Mountain Running Championships as a junior or senior, or the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships held in La Angostura, Argentina. Mountain running is a unique sport, but it’s also uniquely underfunded, and the team’s Go Fund Me Campaign is still accepting donations.

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Who will be racing

Senior Canadian Mountain Running Team

Robyn Mildren
Emma Neigel
Lauren Prufer

Jeffrey Archer
Karl Augsten
Kris Swanson
Rob McCann

Junior Canadian Mountain Running Team

Amanda Ungar

Samuel Perrin
Nicolas Courtois
Olivier Garneau
Christian Petersen

Canadian Long Distance Mountain Running Team

Emilie Mann
Jeanelle Hazlett

Aaron Robson
Dave Stevens
Marcus Ribi
Jean-Philippe Thibodeau
Brendan Urlocker



The 2019 Canadian Mountain Running Team is still raising funds to cover their journey.¬†Adrian Lambert, President of Canadian Mountain Running explains, “despite growing enthusiasm, this is not a well funded sport.” Athletes must fully cover all of their expenses to represent Canada. That cost is currently above $4,000 CAD each. The GoFundMe campaign isn’t asking the public to pay for fancy flights, accommodations, or even race fuel. It’s simply to help the athletes pay to wear a Team Canada uniform.

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The short film below highlights the 2019 Canadian National Mountain Running Championships in Quebec. It documents the highs and lows of the race, while profiling some of the nation’s top competitors such as Jeff Archer, Kristopher Swanson, Robert McCann, Gareth Hadfield, Jean-Pilippe Thibodeau, Anne-Marie Comeau, Robyn Mildren, Emma Neigel, Lauren Prufer, and Jocelyn Poirier-Hardy.

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To support our mountain running athletes, click here.

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