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The snow goes on at Whistler Alpine Meadows

Despite various challenges, the final race in the Coast Mountain Trail series went off with a WAM

Runners and race organizers embraced the unexpected at the Whistler Alpine Meadows race on September 22nd. Wildlife and winter weather required course adaptations up until the start line. Despite many obstacles, the Coast Mountain Trail team executed a successful event for all 12K, 25K, 55K, and 110K races. The WAM show went on.

Photo: Instagram


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The debut of the 110K race distance involved last-minute changes, such as moving an aid station at the top of Whistler Mountain due to snow.  The revised course was equally beautiful and gruelling. Kristian Manietta raced the new distance, saying “The adapted WAM 110 course was definitely spicy.” The results show that local athletes excelled in the wet and cold alpine weather. 


79 courageous souls registered for the 100K race this year, and 67 finished. Finishing times ranging from 14 hours and 56 minutes to 27 hours and 28 minutes, demonstrate the magnitude of the 110K race. Gregory Lariviere, Zachary Del Greco, and Scott Maguire ran close together in the cold for the male podium. Top three females showcased local ultrarunners Marieve Legrand, Tiffany Gibson, and Malin Ek.

Marieve Legrand coming into the final aid station of the 110K, with 20K to go.
Photo: Katie Mills



Local North Vancouver runner Jeanelle Hazlett won the women’s race by more than 10 minutes.

Jeanelle Hazlett 35K into the 55K race Photo: Katie Mills



Squamish endurance athlete Brendan Hunt won overall–a month after smashing the Squamish 23K course record. Former Vancouver Canucks Daniel and Henrik Sedin finished 24th and 25th.



Danielle O’Neill of West Vancouver placed third overall, and won the female race by 18 minutes.


Trail and ultrarunners train and prepare for the unexpected. Despite various challenges, the final race in the Coast Mountain Trail series went off with a WAM. Full results can be found here.