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The ultimate racing pole: Leki Ultra-Trail FX 1 Superlite

These durable, lightweight poles weigh in at just 182 grams

The German company Leki started making ski poles in 1948 and today, their Czech-made trekking and running poles are among the most well-known on the planet. Their newest addition, the Leki Ultra-Trail FX 1 Superlite, represents a new standard in poles for trail runners and racers who want a light, strong pole that folds away to just 36 cm in length.


Athlete trail running at Lac De Chéserys, with the Mont Blanc in the background. Photo: Getty Images

Three carbon-fibre pole sections account for much of the weight savings–simple, lightweight wire-tension construction with a single sprung peg to keep it all together. There are also significant new weight savings on the Shark mesh frame straps. The Velcro tightening system continues to allow adjustment to fit any runner’s hand, and the locking mechanism on the pole works easily with a single thumb-click. Air channels in the pole reduce the weight of the attachment point. The cork grips are breathable and comfortable in all conditions.

The minimalist basket and rim are optimized for all-around grip and swing.

Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc Course
Photo: Pascal Tournaire/UTMB

With all these features available in a set of poles that weigh in at just 182 g, available in 5 cm increments from 105 cm to 135 cm, they’re the perfect choice for runners who want to use poles on any run where weight is a consideration, from races where poles are permitted, to long adventures on the trails.