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WATCH: Canada’s summer camp for adults

TranSelkirks Run offers trail and ultrarunning a multi-day adventure in wild and remote landscapes

It’s Wednesday at 5:58 a.m. Your growling stomach and achy muscles wake you up minutes before your alarm. Over the last two days you’ve run almost 60K and climbed over 3,200 metres in the mountains. It’s day-3 of the 5-day TranSelkirks Run. The event offers trail and ultrarunners a multi-day adventure in the Selkirk mountain range in Revelstoke, BC. Otherwise known as summer camp for adults.

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You’re exhausted. But it’s the best kind of exhaustion that only improves by pushing through, not backing off. It’s the kind that strengthens and energizes – that makes you feel alive that can only be felt in the middle of a mountain running stage race.

Now you’ve been climbing for over an hour on the single track leading up to iconic Mt. Cartier. Compared to yesterday’s flowing forested single track, today feels like you’re in a different country. The climb was worth it, as you look down on the Columbia River Valley with alpine views in every direction. Faintly in the distance, you see the remote aid station brought in by helicopter. 

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To complete a 162K five-day stage race with 11,000 metres, you need to fuel with passion and love. In 2015, TransSelkirks’ race directors Jake and Amy Puzey met at Trans Rockies 6-day Stage Race in Colorado, and decided to bring the experience to their backyard.

As athletes with young children, they wanted to replicate the experience in Canada, with a focus on family. Based out of Revelstoke Mountain Resort, the race offers opportunities for everyone. Athletes now get to adventure in the southeastern mountains of B.C., while families cheer and support their loved ones.

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The 2020 event offers options for 3-day and 5-day adventures. The race for 2020 is now open for registration. Check out footage from the 2019 event below: