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What happened to Canadians at World Mountain Running Championships

Canadian results from the World Mountain Running Championship junior, senior, and long distance races

Last weekend, 18 Canadians toed the line in Villa La Angostura, Argentina for World Mountain Running and World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships. Mountain runners represented over 40 countries for the 7K junior, 14K senior and 41.5K long distance races. Canadians not only raced strong, they had a blast both on and off the course. Here are the Canadian results:

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Junior 7K

Although he did not have the training cycle he wanted due to injury, Christian Petersen described the event as “an amazing experience, it was an honour to race alongside some really incredible athletes.”

Amanda Ungar – 28th in 48:49

Olivier Garneau – 35th in 37:42
Christian Petersen – 37th in 38:41
Nicolas Courtois – 38th in 39:00
Samuel Perrin – 39th in 39:36

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Canadian Junior men

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Senior 14K

The weather was wet and muddy. Emma Neigel said the course had “a giant mud slide to the bottom. At one point I had to pull a fellow competitor (New Zealand) up the hill with me so they could make it up as their shoes were sliding so bad.”

Robyn Mildren – 34th in 1:28:27
Lauren Prufer – 38th in 1:30:56
Emma Neigel – 43rd in 1:34:24

Archer and Augsten post senior race after breaking top 20. Photo: Jeanelle Hazlett

Jeffrey Archer – 17th in 1:08:37
Karl Augsten – 20th in 1:08:59
Kris Swanson – 56th in 1:16:36
Rob McCann – 62nd in 1:18:21

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Long Distance 41.5K

The long distance race covers 41.5K and 2,184 metres of ascent. The day began with a 2.5K flat section before climbing up through the forest. Runners crossed a high river twice, which proved to be challenging for some. The second half of the course climbed up to the Cerro Bayo ski station, continuing with a long and steep climb up to the top of Cerro Bayo summit. On tired legs, they traversed a technical ridge section before heading onto a fast and runnable trail toward the finish.

“The 42K race was relentless and beautiful, with lots of runnable portions contrasted with lots of 30 per cent grade climbs and over 1k of snow running,” explains Jeanelle Hazlett.

Jeanelle Hazlett – 41st in 4:41:13
Emilie Mann – 57th in 5:05:49

Aaron Robson – 30th in 3:41:12
Dave Stevens – 41st in 3:50:24
Marcus Ribi – 53rd in 3:59:06
Jean-Philippe Thibodeau – 70th in 4:18:43
Brendan Urlocker 77th in 4:41:35

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