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The backwards art of tapering

Tapering may seem silly, or wrong or unnecessary. But what I’ve learned through my first week of slowing down, is that it’s OK to cool your jets

A Reminder from Boston

Watching the Boston Marathon last week and seeing all the recaps and flood (no pun intended) of happiness from runners […]

Top tips to support the newly serious runner

Your pre-run prep and post-run recovery habits have as much impact on your success as the kilometres you log

The shock of it all

On those little things that make me realize that I, too, am a “real runner”

Off days aren’t the end of days

Don’t let a bad day get you down because you never know what you’ll be capable of in 24 hours

Do I enjoy hill repeats?!

I’m an incredibly curious person and have already committed to the general torture of marathon training, so really, what is a set of hill repeats if not just another workout in the bag?

Resting is still cross-training

I encourage you to listen to your body and give it what it’s asking for

Dear dreadmill

No wonder people call it the dreadmill

You’ll get to Boston one day, kid

I forgot, for a minute, that it’s more powerful to encourage others on their goals and success, and to focus on your own training

A little gratitude goes a long way

I was so relieved when I learned that I could heal my iliotibial band syndrome

So you want to run a marathon…

New Canadian Running blogger Meaghan details her journey to becoming a marathoner for the first time this May