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Recent Episodes

Canadian ultrarunner Jeff Pelletier on his Moab 240 film (and podium finish)

On this week’s episode, elite ultramarathoner and YouTuber Jeff Pelletier joins to break down how he filmed and ran the Moab 240 last October, finishing second

Ben Blankenship on transitioning from 1500m Olympian to 100-miler

Former middle-distance Olympian Ben Blankenship discusses his transition from the track to the trails and what challenges still lie ahead

Rory Linkletter breaks down his Olympic standard performance

Marathoner Rory Linkletter joins to break down his 2:08:01 Olympic standard marathon and which runners he views as his greatest rivals

Ihor Verys recaps his finish at Barkley Marathons debut

Ultrarunner Ihor Verys joins to discuss his historic debut and finish at the notorious Barkley Marathons and what he plans to take on next

Jon Nabbs on completing his cross-Canada run for cancer research

Kiwi ultrarunner Jon Nabbs discusses his solo journey across Canada to raise money for cancer research and the many challenges he faced

Recapping Christopher Morales Williams’ world-best 400m race

Marley Dickinson joins to recap the World Indoor Championships and Christopher Morales Williams’ world-best 400m performance

Boston Marathon elites Kim and Michelle Krezonoski join The Shakeout Podcast

Kim and Michelle Krezonoski join the podcast to discuss their build toward towing the exclusive Boston Marathon elite field as twins

Hoka athlete and HIV advocate Gabriel Jarquin joins The Shakeout Podcast

Hoka flyer and LGBTQ+ advocate Gabriel Jarquin joins to discuss his journey of self-discovery through elite distance running

Coach and physiologist Trent Stellingwerff joins The Shakeout Podcast

On this week’s episode, elite coach and researcher Trent Stellingwerff joins to break down a landmark year for his Olympic athletes

Remembering the life and legacy of Kelvin Kiptum

We discuss the legacy of the late Kelvin Kiptum before recapping the Millrose Games and interviewing Canadian marathoner, Ben Preisner

Caroline Pomerleau and Anouka Tremblay join The Shakeout Podcast

On this week’s episode, Caroline Pomerleau and Anouka Tremblay discuss how they balance their relationship with an elite training dynamic

Ben Flanagan recaps 5,000m Olympic qualification at Boston meet

Distance runner Ben Flanagan joins the podcast to break down his most recent race, his path to the Paris Olympics and his 2024 training