More than a beer miler: Corey Bellemore’s unfinished business

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Tecumseh, Ont., track runner Corey Bellemore rose to international fame after crushing the world record for the beer mile, chugging four beers in between laps around a track as fast as you can. The once obscure stunt caught the attention of mainstream and social media in 2016, just as Bellemore, a four-minute miler, decided to give it a shot on a lark. His beer-chugging dominance has earned him sponsorships and global media attention, but the 23-year-old wants to be known as more than just the beer miler

The 2018 Spring Shoe Guide

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In our comprehensive spring guide, our wear testers logged thousands of cumulative kilometres on 20 of the most cutting-edge shoes, to see how they performed under pressure

What is Under Armour HOVR?

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A look at the next big tech innovation in running

From pack-a-day smoker to Ottawa Marathon champion

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Eleanor Thomas was the first-ever women’s winner of the then-National Capital Marathon in Ottawa. This is her story:

How an Ottawa man became an experienced marathoner by age 11

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Alan Forster is one of the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon’s youngest-ever participants

Eric Gillis’s New Life

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Three-time Olympian Eric Gillis on moving back to his hometown to become a university coach in Nova Scotia

Ottawa man’s devoted and enduring race streak hasn’t faltered in 43 years

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Howard Cohen has completed his local race, the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon, every year, dating back to 1975. Here are the craziest conditions and personal moments of adversity he’s overcome in the 43 editions