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Jon Nabbs on completing his cross-Canada run for cancer research

Kiwi ultrarunner Jon Nabbs discusses his solo journey across Canada to raise money for cancer research and the many challenges he faced

Jon Nabbs on his run across Canada for cancer research

In the latest episode of The Shakeout Podcast, New Zealand ultrarunner Jon Nabbs joins to discuss his journey running across Canada to raise funds for cancer research.

After losing both of his parents to the disease within a two-year span, Nabbs was inspired by Terry Fox’s legacy and began his 8,000km trek from St. Johns, Nfld., to Victoria, entirely unsupported.

Nabbs explains how the journey carried him through the grieving process, the most dangerous challenges encountered along the run, his newfound connection with Canada’s running community, his previous ultrarunning feats, and what others can gain from his 305-day mission.

We also discuss how he tended to the litany of injuries encountered throughout the run, his training leading up, and his favourite places visited across the country.

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Kiwi superhero completes 305-day cross-Canada run for children’s cancer research


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