Top icy faces from Canada’s winter running scene

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Frosty beards, icy eyebrows and snowy eyelashes

VIDEO: This winter struggle is all too real for Canadian runners

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Winter road running can be a slip-and-slide without proper footwear

What it feels like to run in -30 C

March 11th, 2017 by Canadian Running | Posted in Training | 4 Comments »

Cold Lake, Alta-based elite runner Matt Setlack, based on his own experiences, explains the feeling of running in -30 C temperatures.

Caribou Legs to run 200K across Great Slave Lake

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Ultrarunner Brad Firth, who is known by the name “Caribou Legs,” will attempt to run 200K across Great Slake Lake in the Northwest Territories.

Training tips and considerations for the worst days of winter

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The freezing cold temperatures, howling winds and non-stop accumulation of snow and ice… Winter can definitely throw a wrench in our training plans. But what, if any, special considerations should we make to our […]

PHOTOS: Running on ice during Ottawa’s Winterlude Triathlon

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Check out photos from the Winterlude Triathlon in Ottawa as runners took to the ice for a frozen 5K in the event’s third leg.

Seven ways in which winter running is actually the best!

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Why we embrace the winter running: